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What is IT Comtor? Everything you need to know about IT Comtor 24-10-2023

What is IT Comtor?

To understand what IT Comtor is, let's define this term. IT Comtor - Information Technology Communicators - is the combination of two words: "IT" and "Comtor". In which:
"IT" is Information Technology, related to the use of computers, software to manage, process, and store information.
"Comtor" is a term used to describe a person who provides support and assistance to others.

So, the IT Comtor's position is someone who provides technical support to customers or colleagues within an organization. They are responsible for resolving technical issues that arise in hardware, software, or network systems. IT Comtors can work in various industries such as healthcare, finance, or education. They can also work for an IT service provider, providing support to multiple customers.

In general, IT Comtors play a crucial role in ensuring the success of complex IT projects. The combination of technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and project management experience makes them invaluable assets to any IT team.

What are the duties of an IT Comtor?

An IT Comtor is a position requiring employees to be able to handle a variety of different tasks, particularly those related to information technology. Here are some detailed duties of this position:

Bridge between customers and the IT department

The IT Comtor will be responsible for translating all technical documents related to the project for foreign partner engineers. This task requires a high degree of accuracy and helps provide appropriate implementation plans and timelines based on the agreement. They may also act as an interpreter for meetings, Q&A, and feedback between the two parties. In addition, the IT Comtor will participate in meetings to report on project progress and propose the next implementation solution.

Supporting the development and maintenance of applications and software

IT Comtor staff will have to be involved in analyzing and providing solutions to customer requests. Then help with other departments to develop and maintain those applications and software. These applications and software could be computer software applications, mobile applications, information management systems, human resources management systems, financial management systems, etc.

Design and deploy information systems and applications

IT Comtor staff will also have to participate in the design and deployment of information systems and applications to improve performance and reduce costs for customers or their companies. These information systems and applications could be warehouse management systems, sales management systems, production management systems, etc.

Performing repairs and updates for applications and software

IT Comtor staff will also have to support the implementation of repairs and updates for existing applications and software. This ensures that the applications and software are always operating stably and meet the requirements of customers.

Consulting with customers about related issues 

IT Comtor staff will have to consult with customers to understand and provide solutions for issues related to information technology. This ensures that customers are always having their issues resolved quickly and most effectively.

Checking quality, ensuring the stability of the product

IT Comtor staff will have to conduct quality checks and ensure the stability of applications and software. This ensures that the applications and software meet the customer's requirements and are always operating stably.